Every Year 250 Startups Join START-UP Chile, are you joining them?

START-UP Chile is a seed accelerator created by the Chilean Government based in Santiago, Chile. Provides equity free investment for qualified startups.

They invest in high potential business plans, select companies with disruptive innovations that respond to unmet and incremental innovation, that prove greater value than other existing solutions in the market. The end goal of this program is to position Chile as the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of Latin America.

Start-Up Chile is a public business accelerator for startups that want to use Chile as a platform to go global. They invest in more than 250 startups every year. Start-Up Chile is a highly selective program which selects startups from over thousands of applications. The deal flow is represented by 3 distinct programs based on the stage of the startup.

The S Factory program is powered by Start-Up Chile, with its largest and most diverse startup community in the world. Where female leaders turn innovative ideas into functional prototypes. Selected companies receive $10 million CLP (around USD$14K) equity free and 3 months acceleration. Two rounds a year of 20-30 companies each.


Alumni Companies: Chekku, Gleengo, Kiddy3D, Rentu, WriteBetter, Keeping Tempo, Yuna, sinropa, IMEKO, Mindcare and others.


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