Lakestar operates in early and growth-stage ventures

Categories: Consumer, Enterprise IT, Entertainment, FinTech, Healthcare IT, Internet & IoT, Real Estate

Lakestar operates in early and growth-stage ventures by partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs worldwide, focusing on internet and technology companies that can quickly achieve global scale.

Founded by Klaus Hommels, one of Europe’s leading venture capitalists. Lakestar has a presence in Zurich, Berlin, London, New York and Hong Kong. Most recently, Lakestar was a major contributor to FiveAI’s funding rounds that saw them raise a total of $35 million. FiveAI has since secured rights to test their technology on London’s roads, becoming the first company to test automated cars on UK roads. Other major investments have included Airbnb and Harry’s.

Alumni Companies: Lakestar has invested in many of the companies that define today’s digital economy, including Facebook, Spotify and Skype, and more recently Opendoor, GoEuro, FiveAI and Blockchain.


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