Transfix communicate with carriers and freights

Founders: Drew McElroy (CEO), Jonathan Salama
Equity Raised: $78 million
Estimated 2018 Revenue: $100 million
Lead Investors: Canvas Ventures, New Enterprise Associates

Transfix is a technology company, leading in shipment market industry. With tools like machine learning it communicate with carriers and freights. It is the leading shipment market place connecting to mobile application that matches uses technology like machine learning to help match carriers with freight, still largely an old-school business done by phone or email. Transfix’s online service saves time and cuts down waste by routing trucks more efficiently so they, for example, don’t drive empty to their next pickups.

Transfix is the leading freight marketplace connecting shippers to a national network of reliable carriers. Transfix’s main competitors are Cargomatic, Fuyou Truck and Leading Point Software.

Transfix’s online services saves time and cuts down waste by routing trucks more efficiently. It saves trucks to drive empty for their next pickups. Transfix provides mobile application that matches shipments with trucks drivers based on real-time location.