Making Web and Mobile based Analytic Software for Businesses

Founders: Todd Olson (CEO), Erik Troan, Eric Boduch, Rahul Jain
Equity Raised: $106 million
Estimated 2018 Revenue: $20.5 million
Lead Investors: Battery Ventures, Spark Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Sapphire Ventures

Pendo offers web and mobile based analytics software for businesses to track and chart customer usage; its clients include Sprinklr, Zendesk and

Pendo is the latin word for “value.”  Ultimately the goal of any great product is to provide value. Pendo is a product experience platform that helps software developers to deliver software users love. By combining product analytics with qualitative feedback, Pendo tighten the loose threads with users, learning from product usage patterns and user sentiment so product teams can make more rational and well-informed decisions. Mixpanel, Walkme and Amplitude competing with Pendo.

Pendo has acquired Insert on Sep 7, 2017 which was having an estimated annual revenue of $1.7M. Insert is a mobile engagement company based in Israel. It was the first automated in-app marketing platform.


What’s the Difference? Innovation:

Total number of clicks captured from all visitors within the segment and date range specified at the top of the page. Pendo has sorted the critical matrix of analytics for portals to see which features have been used the most by your visitors!