Searching for Durable Suitcases? Invest in AWAY

Best known as a luggage designer, manufacturer and retailer in New York City. Since its foundation Away has raised $81 million in financing, with an estimated revenue of $150 million in 2018 and sold more than 300,000 suitcases. Designed to appeal to Millennials with features like electable batteries for phone charging and TSA-approved locks, at a lower price point than high-end brands like Tumi or Rimowa. However, Away is competing with fastly growing luggage maker companies like Trunkster, Samsara Luggage and Neit.

Apart from its rare and advanced qualities another USP of Away is, it is one of the highest funded female-backed startup. Away is a direct-to-consumer retailer, which allows the company to sell directly to consumers without third-party wholesalers or distributors. Its products are available throughout the U.S. and in Europe. The company has also released a book The Places We Return To .


What’s the Difference? Innovation:

While travelling with an AWAY bag travelers don’t need other travel products, AWAY focuses on inventive configurations — including a laundry bag and a wet umbrella pocket — plus add-ons such as a lifetime warranty and a stylish customer magazine “HERE” & podcast “AIRPLANE MODE” targeted at young professionals. Away’s in bag batteries were removable, it required fiddling with the interior lining and a screwdriver.