Develops basic login functions and custom domains for developers instantly.

Auth0 offers software to easily build a basic login function and then customise it with features like universal logins and custom domains. Auth0 provides authentication and authorisation as a service.

They give developers and companies the building blocks which they need to secure their applications without having to become security experts. With five offices around the globe and employees in 32 countries, it serves customers like News Corp, Mazda and HarperCollins.

Onelogin, ForgeRock and SecureAuth are the top most competitors in market for Auth0. But Auth0 is doing many experiments ahead from their rivals. It leads them to doubling their revenue and hiring 140 new employees in 2017 alone. Auth0 is running as a lead company with $110 million raised equities.


What’s the Difference? Innovation:

AuthO is Easy to Integrate

Fast implementation of secure, enterprise grade identifies solutions including authentication and authorisation. Pretty good dashboard for easy navigation for new users.

The UI is Pretty Unchangeable with AuthO

The UI is not very flexible. Extensive customisation is not possible.