Life-saving AI platform for defense sector.

Anduril is pioneering life-saving AI platforms for protecting troops, performing search & rescue missions, fighting drug cartels, defending energy resources, combating wild fires, stopping human traffickers and much more.

Anduril Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures, and deploys integrated hardware/software systems to critical missions. It serves defense sector. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Orange, California. Cofounded by Joe Chen, Matt Grimm, Palmer Luckey and Brian Schimpf (CEO), Anduril commits top technical talent to solving the most complex national security challenges.

Today, it is building a “virtual border wall” to detect people crossing the border rather than animals or other things moving in the distance. “If you can build a platform like that, you can build a lot of cool things on top of it,” says Luckey. Anduril Industries generated an equity of $58.5 million.


What’s the Difference? Innovation:

Its main product is a system of thousand sensors that uses machine learning to identify what’s happening in the field.