Best analytics solution for companies to understand product marketing and growth.

Amplitude is the analytics solution for companies who want to understand their users, including Microsoft, Square, Western Union, HubSpot, LogMeIn, Paypal, POPSUGAR, and more. The San Francisco-based startup aims to help companies build better products through advanced analytics. Product, marketing, and growth teams use Amplitude to discover and share insights about user engagement, retention, and revenue. Localytics, Mixpanel and Pendo are the top most competitors in analytics market for Amplitude.

Amplitude founded in 2012 by Curtis Liu, Spenser Skates (CEO), Jeffrey Wang provides product analytics to help companies understand user behavior. 20,000 companies from 180+ countries around the world use Amplitude. Amplitude raised an estimated equity of $57 million.


What’s the Difference? Innovation:

Easily analyze complex user cohorts with Amplitude

Make businesses more aware about behavior of customers to a product. Study and understand retention factors sharply. Without requiring backend engineers, amplitude correlate all complicated queries about user behavior.

Amplitude’s Session Analysis is Weak

Lack features to create charts that combine data of an app across multiple platforms.