Connecting World’s 2.6 Billion Mobile Gamers

Founders: Casey Chafkin, Andrew Paradise (CEO)
Equity Raised: $53 million
Estimated 2018 Revenue: $358 million
Lead Investors: Accomplice, Wildcat Capital Management, Liberty Global Ventures, Telstra Ventures

Skillz is a mobile e-sports platform that enables gamers to view and compete in multi-player tournaments against their friends and strangers.

Skillz provides software for game developers to easily construct multiplayer and tournament modes. Over 2 million tournaments are played daily, contests featuring games of solitaire, scrabble and dominoes. Skillz takes 15% of every dollar that the tournaments and multiplayer contests draw. Skillz has 17,957 monthly app downloads. The most popular apps downloaded are Diamond Strike, Soccer King Arena, and Cave Runner Multiplayer. Skillz is ranked 261,790 among websites globally based on its 178,478 monthly web visitors. Skillz has $54.2M in revenue annually. Skillz competes with AlphaDraft, Unikrn, GamerSaloon and Beyond Gaming. This year, Skillz is projected to spend $546.2K on IT.

What’s the Difference? Innovation:

Esports competitions connect players and fans around the world in an intrinsically social experience. The company introduced a cross-platform, cross-app chat system recently. Chat systems have previously been available in the gaming world with Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network. Never, however, has there been a feed so widely accessible for mobile users.