To Start Successful Tech Companies Approach Coplex

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Emerging from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, and with locations in Seattle and Los Angeles, Coplex has helped create over 275 software startups. With a team of 31, their track record includes LA-based Pluto TV, which recently hit a $140M valuation.

What makes them so unique? They only work with non-coding, subject-matter expert founders to co-create new software companies. The Coplex “lean startup” program is designed for founders who have strong business experience and are looking to start a software company to solve a problem in the space they know best. Coplex is a nationally-ranked Startup Accelerator that works with industry experts to start successful tech companies.

They start with ideas, take concepts to revenue in as little as 9 months and aim to graduate companies ready for an institutional seed investment. The program is built on a proven lean startup process and provides support with product development, go-to-market, private events, mentorship, immersive education, fundraising, and much more. Their startups have raised over $800M in VC and have an aggregate market value of over $3.8B.


Alumni Companies: Pluto, Swavy, Openme, Zipsit and Moonglow are few ventures.


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